Tahoe Multisport

We Now offer bike rentals!

Double Kayak 1 Day (up to 24 hr) 

Includes: kayak, paddle, seat, dry bag, life jackets, straps for transport $75.00/Day

Roof padding and straps are included if necessary, and we demonstrate how to do it 😉

Stable and can carry up to 500 pounds (dogs, kids …), can also be paddled as a single.

Double Inflatable Kayak 1 Day (up to 24 hr) 

Includes: kayak, pump, paddle, seats, dry bag, life jackets. $75.00/Day

Stable and can carry up to 500 pounds (dogs, kids …), weighs 34 lbs

Single Kayak 1 Day (up to 24 hr)

Includes: kayak, paddle, seat, dry bag, life jackets, straps and padding for transport $60.00/Day

We demonstrate how to do it, carrys up to 350 pounds, can stack two and sometimes three on a roof

Stand Up Paddleboard 1 Day (up to 24 hr)

Includes: SUP, paddle (for sup and kayak), kayak seat , dry bag, life jackets, pump, backpack $60.00/Day

Can carry up to 350 pounds, can easily fit four in a sedan, 6 in an SUV, wieghs 28 pounds

Folding Kayak 1 Day (up to 24 hr)

Includes: SUP, paddle, dry bag, life jackets, $60.00/Day

Can carry up to 300 pounds, can easily fit two in a sedan trunk

Many of our Guests choose Inflatable Kayak/SUP Hybrids enabling them to cherrypick the best beaches all around Tahoe. They come rolled up into a backpack and are ready for short hikes to quiter, more remote destinations.

We have complimentary Dog Lifejackets 😉

SAND HARBOR – Sand Harbor can regularly reach 2/3 parking capacity and closes to new parking visitors until later in the afternoon (3-5pm ish). Guests wanting to get to sand harbor can ride the East Shore Express located 100m from our store with Inflatable Models, or Bike into the park from our store even when the park is closed to cars! We allow our guests to pick up rental equipment the evening before their rental so they can get into Sand Harbor early if that is their plan.

PARKING along the East Shore of Lake Tahoe – Park Parallel, outside of the No Parking Zones (even if 20 other cars do, there is no safety in numbers, they will all get tickets!), keep your tires off the white (fog) line, mark your parking spot with a pin on your map so you can find it on the way back, take any one of the unmarked trails leading to the lake.

East Shore BATHROOMS are located at Chimney Beach Parking lot, Secret Cove parking lot, half way between it secret cove, and just passed creek beach there is a port o pottie.

East Shore Beaches – Hidden Beach, Spooners Cove, Memorial Point cove, Sand Harbor (boat Beach, Divers Cove, Main Beach), Bonsai Rock, Lady Bug Beach, Cave Beach, Thunderbird Beach, Pi Rock, Chimney Beach, Secret Cove, Speedboat Beach, Creek Beach, Whale Beach, and Skunk Harbor.

Our Store Location in Incline Village:

Check out our Kayak and Paddleboard Tours as well as Daily and Weekly Kayak/SUP rentals. Also ask about Hiking and Biking Tours. Let one of our guides show you the way!